Stream Timer


This application was designed for countdowns to something or timer for something in a streaming application like OBS.

I personally mostly use it for AFK timers, but you’re free to use it as you want to. Examples:

  • how long stream is up;
  • how much time is left before rocket launch;
  • etc.

You can choose timer duration (or event time), texts (before and after zero) and styles (background, fonts).

Then just add timer URL to OBS (or something else) browser source. Don’t worry: a key in a timer URL doesn’t give the management access, it’s read-only and can be public.

But there is a private user key with management access. You can store it somewhere privately for later loading or re-using on other devices.

This project is free and open-source.

Logotype is from Icons8.

Create a new timer

Load existing timer

Load by previously saved secret key:

Or by previosly connected third-party accounts: